A generative art project
to support the LGBTIQ+ community.

Let’s celebrate our uniqueness, whatever our name, pronouns, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. code d’azur has developed the NounArt.Gallery, where you can create a unique piece of art based on your name and pronouns. Each artwork is a computer-generated combination of illustrated elements from Eveline Schram.

pattern art
pattern art

Noun Art?

Each piece is unique. Just like you.
To generate your own colourful artwork, enter your name and pronouns. Let our gallery surprise you.

Tell us your name
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Pronouns are typically associated with someone's gender identity, but using incorrect pronouns can be upsetting. The binary pronouns ‘he’ and ‘she’ may not fit everyone’s identities, creating discomfort and leading to stress and anxiety. Studies show that this can increase the risk of depression and suicide among transgender youths. Commonly used nonbinary pronouns include they/them, xe/xim, and ze/hir. How do you know someone’s pronouns? Ask!

Here’s your unique artwork

We hope you're as proud as we are of this project. Please share your own uniqueness by posting it on your social channels with #nounartgallery #cocnetherlands @codedazur.

Supporting the LGBTIQ+ community

Pleased with your art piece? Show your appreciation by donating to COC Netherlands. COC is the oldest LGBTIQ+ organisation in the world, founded in 1946. They work tirelessly to support equal rights, emancipation, and social acceptance of LGBTIQ+ people. We already made a donation – we hope you'll do the same.

pattern art pattern art
pattern art pattern art
pattern art pattern art

This project is created by code d’azur: digital brand & experience company together with illustrator Eveline Schram.